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If anyone more information on editors, links, etc for this page, please let me know. The list is noticeable short on Mac products - I have no experience with Macs so let me know what programs, etc. work well.

Links to Sites With Information on Writing HTML pages

HTML Editors

NotePad - comes with Windows - Windows - this is an old stand-by . HTML files are text and can be edited with the NotePad - you will need to know HTML code to use this method.

AOLPress, NaviPress, GNNPress - FREEWARE - Windows & Unix (Mac soon to be released - Sep 3) these are basically all the same program made available by America On Line companies. They are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and do not require any knowledge of HTML code; although it will let you view and edit the code. I think this is an easy one for beginners who are used to working with a Windows word processor to start with. It isn't perfect though - tends to insert blank spaces into the code and so the size of the HTML files is larger than it would be with another editor.

HomeSite - FREEWARE and SHAREWARE versions for Win95 only- the shareware version will "self-destruct" after the evaluation period. The freeware version will not. This is the program I use - very flexible, has a built in browser and you can check pages with your regular browser also.
HTML Assistant - FREEWARE and SHAREWARE versions - Windows - this is the one I use (the free version) and is made by Brooklyn North Software. It requires a little knowledge of HTML, but is flexible. The table and form wizards are disabled on the free version, so these have to be coded by hand. It has a test feature which allows you to select your browser and view the documents offline so you can see what they'll look like.
Brooklyn North Software

HotDog - DEMO - Windows - this seems to be a very popular editor and it works well - from Sausage Software - similar to HTML Assistant, but with more bells and whistles. The demo only functions during an evaluation period and you must purchase the program.

Claris Home Page - DEMO - Mac and Win95 - demo of commercial product
Claris Home Page


There's lots of sites with images you can download. Here's a few.

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