West Virginia Casualties
'Enduring Freedom'

ANISSA A. SHERO - Air Force Staff Sgt., 31, of Grafton, W.Va. - Shero, of the Air Force's 16th Special Operations Wing, was killed June 12 when an Air Force MC130-H crashed near an airstrip in the Gardez region of Afghanistan.

GENE ARDEN VANCE, JR. - Sgt., 38, of West Virginia - Gene Arden Vance, a U.S. Special Forces sergeant, was fatally wounded when his unit came under heavy fire while on patrol in eastern Afghanistan on May 19, and died while waiting to be evacuated. The 38-year-old soldier from Morgantown, W. Va., was recently married and had canceled his honeymoon plans when he was called up to serve in Afghanistan with the 19th Special Forces Unit. He is survived by his wife Lisa; a daughter, Amber; his mother, June; a brother, David; a sister, Jamie.

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